In Iowa, Drunk Driving (in some states called a DUI) is called Operating While Intoxicated (OWI). If are you are accused, arrested or charged with an OWI it can have numerous serious implications on your life.  Such a charge could affect your driver’s license, commercial driver’s license (CDL), professional licensing and even your career.

Most OWI matters will consist of both a criminal and civil portion of the case. The civil portion deals with your license revocation through the Iowa Department of Transportation.  Depending on the level of offense and whether you refused chemical testing or submitted to a chemical test and failed, the amount of time that the DOT will seek to take your driving privileges for will vary. You only have a ten-day window to appeal your loss of driving privileges in Iowa.

In Iowa it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle when your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) exceed .08, while under the influence of alcohol or other drug, or while having any amount of controlled substance in your system.  The criminal portion of an OWI is a much more in-depth process.  The attorneys at SSKC will obtain available discovery to evaluate whether your rights have been violated, file necessary motions and keep you apprised of your rights throughout the process.


Offense Level Possible Incarceration Possible Fine
1st Offense Serious Misdemeanor 2 days up to 1 year in jail (unless judgement deferred) $1,250 plus surcharge, possible 50% reduction
2nd Offense Aggravated Misdemeanor 7 days jail up to 2 years prison $1,875- $5,000 plus surcharge
3rd Offense D Felony 30 days in jail up to 5 years in prison $3,125-$7,500 plus surcharge

If you find yourself charged with an OWI, you need an experienced attorney that can walk you through the very technical process, will evaluate your case while identifying any violations of your statutory and constitutional rights and help defend the charges.  We will give you an honest assessment of your case, help protect your rights and put a strategy in place for your defense. Call or message us for a consultation or to set up an appointment today.

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